Some Politicians Listen

Yesterday, the noted GERS blogger, Richard Murphy (Professor of Practice in International Political Economy) appeared in the Scottish Parliament to give his tuppence (or thruppence if you don't believe the data) worth. As per usual, his simple, core points get to the heart of the matter: "The amount that is known about Scottish taxation is…


Mandate Checkmate

The other day I saw a tweet of Nicola Sturgeon, as she responded to Christian Fraser of the BBC. First, we must draw the distinction between Westminster and Holyrood mandates. The SNP can never command a mandate at Westminster, since they can only get 59 of the possible 650 seats (democratic deficit in action). Obviously,…

Cornering rats

“A veritable explosion of British State bile and hatred spewed out” – Rather descriptive and pretty accurate.


Wow! They took that well, the UK Establishment and their media arm, didn’t they?

A veritable explosion of British State bile and hatred spewed out in the direction of a person, whom I don’t know personally, but as I consider myself a reasonable judge of character, a woman who seems like a helluva nice wee lady, for a politician. She seems sincere, honest, caring and principled tae me, and thankfully articulate, intelligent and full of the street smarts.

What has Nicola Sturgeon done to attract such ire? She’s dared to challenge the UK elite to prove that the democracy they are always congratulating themselves for does actually exist.

From the Telegraph suggesting that someone may want to part her body from her head, as well as describing her as a liar and a traitor, to the Mail accusing her of betrayal, and their online gossip wags slagging her off for…

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