I was looking back at the 2015 General Election, and while reading the Parliament briefing, I noticed it contains some interesting bit and bobs of information. Since we’re facing a new election so soon after the last, I thought it worth sharing some of the stats.

Legal bit: Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0

They’re in no particular order…

Share of the vote: SNP, Green Party and Plaid Cymru

Share of the vote: Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, and UKIP

Turnout by Country / Region

UK-wide turnout, and top / bottom ten constituencies

Misc stuff, including gender, age, on-line registrations, and constituency declarations

Those six charts have a few points of interest:

  • The Conservatives have caught up with the Lib Dems on female candidates
  • While the Lib Dems had over 100 female candidates, none of them were elected
  • The percentage of female candidates rose steeply, but still formed about 25% overall
  • Approximately half of all candidates were Con / Lab / Lib, and yet said parties made up 88% of elected candidates
  • The Lib Dems have the oldest of the ‘youngest MPs’, at 44 years old, perhaps adding ‘middle aged’ to their list of middles.
  • On-line voter registration is a big thing with younger voters, and many leave it late (strange that voter registration stats includes 16-17s for an 18+ election – some registered early?).
  • Don’t wait up for the results. Three quarters of declarations probably won’t happen before 4am.

Lastly, a chart not included in the brief, but one I created from the data within it:


Interesting bits?

  • If we take 1979 – 1983 as the first years of ‘New Labour’ MPs (Blair, Brown, Straw, Harman etc.), there are only two Labour MPs in Parliament that can perhaps really claim the ‘Old Labour’ mantle; Dennis Skinner and Geoffrey Robinson.
  • Similarly, with Alan Haselhurst standing down at the 2017 election, only two of the pre/early Thatcher Conservatives remain; Ken Clarke and Peter Bottomley.
  • 59% of the 2015 election MPs were either 2010 or 2015 intake.

So there you have it. All food for thought.


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