I don’t claim to be anything other than having an interest in politics and their stats, and I’m certainly not a journalist, but I thought I might like to add to the headlines of today’s announcement of a snap General Election in June.

Some are less snappy than others, but you’ll at least get an idea of some of the news that isn’t popping up on the national broadcaster’s site:

  • First Tory Government with overall majority in 20 years risks everything
  • Snap election called as Tory Electoral Fraud cases might wipe out Tory majority
  • PM who said “Now is not the time”, does u-turn when it suits her
  • Real reasons for Donald Trump late UK visit revealed
  • PM with no personal mandate from electorate risks all
  • Theresa May calls for unity over Easter weekend, and once back at work, wrecks it
  • PM desperate to control media looks to party-politicise local elections
  • Theresa May refuses to debate with other leaders: Opponents accuse…

And Finally…

  • Dumfriesshire chemists report shortage of Diocalm

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