A poll has been conducted by TNS (no tabs as yet – data via @EuropeElects) on the EU member states to see if the Euro as a currency is desirable.

It might help if I categorise the different membership states before I proceed. It does get slightly confusing as to which country is where within the EU. To save me the extra work, I’ll pinch the map from Wikipedia.

Eurozone & EU Member States

In short, blue countries use the Euro and are part of the EU, red are in the EU, but don’t use the Euro*, pink use the Euro, but are not EU members, and green (only Denmark at present) are ERM II, which basically means they do not use the Euro, but keep their currency trading within set parameters to the Euro. If the Danish chose to, they could join the Eurozone (but generally choose not to).

* The Euro might be accepted by businesses that choose to accept it, but exchange rates are less favourable.

Obviously, the grey areas are not EU or Eurozone applicable, and the yellow areas have monetary agreements (they use the Euro and are essentially Eurozone members but by a different route).

And now to the poll. It’s split into two areas. It asks those that are Eurozone members if they want to keep using the Euro (do the blues wants to stay blue?), and it asks the other EU member states if they want to adopt the Euro (do the reds want to turn blue?).

So first up, let’s see what the current Eurozone members are thinking:

Eurozone Membership Referendum – Current Members

In short, every single Eurozone member wants to keep using the Euro at present. Cyprus seems to be the most split on the subject at 55% to 45% for the Euro, while Ireland is the most adamant that they want to keep the Euro with 90% for and 10% against.

I took all the populations of the Eurozone nations to get individual populations For/Against the Euro, then totalled them to get the combined Eurozone For/Against percentages.

The breakdown comes out as 73.7% of the Eurozone wants to keep the Euro, versus 26.3% against.

And what of the EU member states that do not use the Euro?

Eurozone Membership Referendum – Potential members

Interestingly, three of the nine EU members not in the Euro seem to be keen to join (Romania 61%, Hungary 56% and Croatia 55%), while not surprisingly, the UK is at the other end of the chart with 74% against joining the Euro.

Also of note, that while Denmark maintains its ERM II status, its people remain strongly in favour of using the Krone.

So if this poll became reality, the map of the Eurozone and EU would look thus:


However, we should note that the UK will soon turn grey, as Brexit is coming sometime in the future. Whether Scotland or Northern Ireland do something different, and stay red (or turn green or blue), will likely be the subject of much debate in the near future.


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