I might as well start with a bit of theatre.

But, be under no illusion. My reference to Shakespeare is no promise of great things to come; rather better efforts than went before.

A while back I managed my own site with stats, charts and lots of bits and bobs of electoral info. The five weekly poll updates, and occasional other articles, combined with the clunky customisation of the site created more work than was fun, so I decided to let the site go in 2016, rather than renew the domain.

Most of 2016 was spent in blissful ignorance of politics, outside of the really huge events (e.g. Holyrood Elections or the Brexit referendum, or Trump’s election).

Now in 2017, we seem to be heading for a hard Brexit, the SNP in Scotland are still riding high in the polls, albeit with a diminished Holyrood presence (due mostly to the Additional Member System of voting), and Trump is…being Trump.

So what can you expect here? Less repetitive poll articles for a start. The Yougov daily polls were kind of interesting if you had the masochism to record every one, then splice them into polling averages, and mess with them until you could conclude that polls are not predictions of elections, rather than general indicators of what people say they will do on voting day. In reality, many voters change their attitude when confronted with the polling booth. Or the polling companies don’t have as wide a sample as they would like. A bit of both?

Expect occasional articles on polling, certainly, and expect electoral info, but the big difference will be that you will get more opinion(s). In the past, I was inclined to offer little beyond polling caveats and the like, and in an attempt to maintain some form of party political independence, I tried to avoid opinion. Well it’s all very noble, but it’s all very boring too, and it’s not very original. Other sites cover that sort of thing already, and while I still take an interest in polling, it’s more passing, and I certainly don’t want to bore you with a debate on ‘poll A’ being more or less accurate than ‘poll B’.

What kind of opinions? Well first I should declare my political position clearly. I am and never been a member of any political party (and long may it continue). My party political position has shifted with the times (my first election vote was 1992), and at present it is ‘Pro-Scottish Independence’, and that’s pretty much all the pigeon-holing I’ll allow. Don’t assume I’m SNP, or Green or any other version of an Indy supporter. I’m me, and my opinions are mine.

The opinions will usually be broader versions of my presence on Twitter, and I feel the need to expand on my opinions in a (hopefully) informative manner. I cannot guarantee entertaining content, but I hope to keep you rooted to the spot for at least one or two paragraphs or charts. I will guarantee one thing : I will not post wrongful information knowingly, and I will rectify mistakes at the earliest opportunity. Equally, I will not accept an opinion as fact or a fact as opinion (unless proof can be provided to make it so).

So please tune in. At present I’m throwing around some ideas, and tweaking the site layout, so if things move about, appear and disappear, it’s just the little gremlins finding their comfy spots.


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